Student Testimonials, Competitive Credits, and Artist Acclaim...

Remarkable - that's Barry's history of changing the lives of pianists who want to grow. His uncanny ability to spot exactly the points that need and can support the most growth is legendary among his students. And his improvisatory performances legendary among elite artists the world over (see some such artst's acclaim below). As many have found, this is the teacher for the pianist who - no matter how accomplished - wants to extend his training with one of the few instructors that can claim...

So Why Testimonials? The testimonials below give the pianist - of any age, skill level and music taste - great hope. The fact that many searching pianists have achieved the results below, and many noted artists have acclaimed both his conference teaching skills and his astounding performances, should give confidence to any level of student looking for teaching in greater depth (than the typical teacher). This is the way of such a teacher...unusual results...custom-made for the inquisitive student, a student like these....

"I learned more in 3 lessons...worth every penny!"
"I learned more in 3 lessons with Barry than in 3 years with my German conservatory teacher!

I now have better fluidity of movement, greater expression in playing, and a more daring sense of creativity - and others have noticed these improvements! My understanding of music theory has grown exponentially in the last few months!"

Barry's learned background - not only in music but other areas as well (i.e., philosophy, psychology) - broadens my horizons and adds depth to my understanding of music.

Worth every penny!"
- Heidi Lecair, Lead Worship Pianist at EV Free Church of Yuba City, CA


  • 1st Prize - ACE International Competition, 1982
  • 2nd Prize - Ace International Comp, 1983
  • 1st Place - Pennsylvania Federation of Music Clubs, 1984
  • 2nd Place - PA State Federation of Music Clubs, 1984
  • 1st Prize - WSO Youth Concerto Competition, 1985
  • 1st Place - Intercollegiate Competition, 1990
  • Since 1993 - Highly-Acclaimed Presenter at some of the world's major Conferences (e.g., MTNA, WPPC)

My students master what they rarely grasp from today's otherwise qualified teachers: the ancient Art of Improvisation and Performance through the Craft of Composition. Drink from these testimonials. Salivate over how far you might go with such a teacher! Need guidance? Call 425.316.3113 or write barry(at)

Barry's Much-Acclaimed Presentation at the WPPC, 2004

WPPC attendee acclaims his the best session of all...
"Yours was the best session I've attended at the World Piano Pedagogy Conference, even better than the - otherwise great! - keynote, given by Robert Levine!"
- Carol Hartman Domasco, Composer, Pianist, highly-acclaimed Texas Teacher

"Your teaching method - REMARKABLE!"
"I am amazed at how much you taught me within those few years. While I always knew you were a very accomplished pianist, I now realize what a superior teacher you are.

Again, I always knew you were one of the best: but it's amazing how much I actually can put into use at the piano!

[In other words:] Your teaching method is what has struck me as remarkable recently...and I consider my lessons with you a valuable investment.

P.S. Let me know if you ever move back to Sacramento, I would love to study with you again!"
- Alex Batista, Advanced Pianist, College Student, and Piano Teacher

His teaching transcends ordinary lessons...
"For 7 years I had been short one Bachelor's degree in Music because I could not pass 'piano proficiency.' Other teachers gave me lessons - to no avail.

Now, thanks to Barry, I have graduated with my Music Degree! Barry's incredible skill - and encouragement - as a teacher has helped me turn misery into joy, and I will always be grateful."
- Barbetta Laurelle, Music Graduate, Colleague, and Music Director at St. John's Episcopal

A professor's reaction to Barry's WPPC presentation:
Is the Classical World - as it stands, without substantial applied Creativity - REALLY defunct?
"You're right - modern classically-trained pianists have lost our creativity. I've been so stupid I could kick myself! But you have given me hope. I now know what to reach for and HOW, using your tips, tactics. and strategy! If you ever create an easy-reference 'tip sheet,' let me know!"
- High-profile Professor {Name withheld, out of Respect for position} who returned after Barry's lecture at least 3 times to reiterate excitement with it!

"Incredible! You're incredible. Now, THAT's a record worth having..." {Breakthrough Audio LINK}
"Barry Sindlinger is a multi-talented treasure, whose gift for music is as natural to him as breathing.

He has a musician's ear...and a noble, expressive spirit. He makes the music speak to the heart, so you know that its Source is beyond himself."
- Wladimir Kochanski, Concert Artist and Protege of Rosina Lhevinne and Eduard Steuermann at Juilliard

An Invitation to Speak at Rutgers? after Barry's presentation at WPPC, Las Vegas, 2004...
"Would you speak to the piano department at Rutgers University? [teaching the mindset of an Improvising Pianist]"
- Min Kwan, Professor of Piano at Rutgers, NJ/NY - Winner of Major Int'l Awards

Respected MTNA Teacher testifies that Barry is...
"A Master of improvisation and skilled arranger. (You clearly know your theory!)"
- Sue Dearing, Respected Sacramento Teacher, Member, MTNA

Creator of the ONLY Piano method books Barry endorses...
"You gave a great session at WPPC. You have quite a program outlined here. I like what you are doing."
- Marilyn Lowe, Author of the new, highly-acclaimed 'Method' Music Moves and proponent of Edwin Gordon's music learning theories for children (See sung praises at Industry Acclaim)

A Monster? or Promethius' Fire?!
"I think you have 'created a monster' - he is so inspired to be like you! Thank you for all you have done. We will always be grateful for the 'fire' you have ignited in Zeke!"
- Hedy Farley, Piano Instructor and Band Leader, Atlanta, GA

"This talent belongs to the world..."
"I have rarely sung with such confidence. Barry can improvise arrangements on the spot, play them in the best key for the singer, and create an atmosphere of synergy that makes both performers do better together that they would have done separately. It is simply magical to sing with Barry!

This talent belongs to the world!"
- Barbetta Laurelle, Soprano Vocalist and Section Leader of the Sacramento MasterSingers, Acclaimed Voice Instructor

He stopped Barry on the Steps and said, 'I mean it - you are truly...'
"...pianistic. VERY pianistic...[you have] a beautiful, lyrical tone."
- Richard Glazier, Gershwin Specialist, Winner of Pro Musicis Award (under Gunther Schuller and Byron Janis)

How would you compare his musical knowledge and teaching abilities (with others')?
"The difference in the maturity of my son's playing has been enormous... I know many other piano teachers - but none that I regard as possessing the musical knowledge and teaching abilities of Barry Sindlinger. I honestly don't think you could find a better music teacher!"
- Hedy Farley, Piano Instructor and Band Leader, Atlanta, GA

Another Reaction from his WPPC presentation...
"Great! and Very needed ideas. Thanks!"
- Linda Turpening, Respected Teacher and MTNA member, Lakeville, MN

Would YOU fly so far - from Sacramento to Seattle - to get the wisdom of such a teacher?
"Our family has been amazed - Joey's playing reached new levels far beyond our expectations...and his love to play and learn has grown by leaps and bounds. Four new arrangements in eight months!

We're planning to fly him from Sacramento to Seattle to continue studying with Barry!"
- David and Annie Knowles, Parents of Intermediate Student, Sacramento, CA

How long does Holistic training ADVANCED student?
"After 5 years of study...Barry's vast knowledge and command of music continue to amaze me. And after several years of being out on my own, I'm still realizing the Immense benefits!"
- Sally Walker, Advanced Student and Church Pianist, recipient of the 1st "Compleat Pianist" Award

"No one else teaches this stuff..."
Another exciting lesson! Now I see how grasping the implications of the harmonic series will make me a more confident pianist and build my versatility at the piano! No one else teaches this stuff!
- Kim Snow, Advanced Student and Piano Teacher, Sacramento, CA

What can a master teacher do for just one lesson?
"I learn so much in just one lesson!"
- Annie Johnson, Intermediate Student, Sacramento, CA

The French are a hard audience - notorious for not flattering - so what do you make of this from one of the most revered French Pianists...?
"I remember the first time I heard Barry Sindlinger play... I was with the world-renowned French pianist and conductor, Philippe Entremont. We were both impressed by Barry's musicianship - his extraordinary control of phrasing, tone and color - and the sensitivity with which he played.

When Barry finished, Philippe turned to me - with great enthusiasm - and said, 'He's very good!' (I readily agreed.)"
- Jan Kiser-Glazier (Music Director of PianoDisc), recounting the words of Phillipe Entremont, early protege at the Paris Conservatoire, winner of numerous international awards, incl. grand prize of the prestigious Marguerite Long/Jacques Thibauld Competition, and Barry's lifelong Idol